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About Auth.js

Auth.js is a complete open-source authentication solution for web applications. Check out the live demos of Auth.js in action:

support for more frameworks are on the way.

Continue to our guides to see how to use Auth.js for authentication:


  • Built in support for 82+ popular services (Google, Facebook, Auth0, Apple…)
  • Built-in support for 23+ databases/ORMs (MySQL, Postgres, Prisma, Drizzle…)
  • Built-in email/passwordless/magic link authentication
  • Use with any OAuth 2 or OpenID Connect provider
  • Use with any username/password store


  • Runtime agnostic - run anywhere! Vercel Edge Functions, Node.js, Serverless, etc.
  • Use with any modern framework! Next.js, SolidStart, SvelteKit, etc.
  • Bring Your Own Database - or none! MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL, MongoDB, etc. Choose database sessions or JWT.

Secure by default

  • Signed, prefixed, server-only cookies
  • Built-in CSRF protection
  • Doesn't rely on client-side JavaScript
  • Encrypted JWT sessions


Auth.js is an open-source project that is only possible thanks to contributors.

To financially support the development of Auth.js, you can check our OpenCollective page. We appreciate your support 💚.