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Core team

Without these people, the project could not have become one of the most used authentication libraries in its category.

Special thanks

Special thanks to Filip Skokan for their feedback and high-quality OAuth libraries that we build on, Lori Karikari for creating most of the original provider configurations, Fredrik Pettersen for creating the original Prisma Adapter, Gerald Nolan for adding support for Sign in with Apple, and Jefferson Bledsoe for working on original testing automation.

Other contributors

Auth.js as it exists today has been possible thanks to the work of many individual contributors.

Thank you to the dozens of individual contributors who have helped shape Auth.js.

Open Collective

You can find Auth.js on Open Collective. We are very thankful for all of our existing contributors and would be delighted if you or your company would decide to join them.

More information can be found at:


  • NextAuth.js was originally developed by Iain Collins in 2016 for Next.js.

  • In 2020, NextAuth.js was rebuilt from the ground up to support Serverless, with support for MySQL, Postgres and MongoDB, JSON Web Tokens and built-in support for over a dozen authentication providers.

  • In 2021, efforts have started to move NextAuth.js to other frameworks and to support as many databases and providers as possible.

  • In 2022, Balázs Orbán created Auth.js based on NextAuth.js, a runtime/framework independent core library that is the base of all Auth.js libraries going forward.