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Auth.js is completely free and fully open-source. It is used in some of the biggest sites on the Internet like ChatGPT with more than 100 million users a week!

Therefore, it is easy to forget that Auth.js is created and maintained by actual humans! None of the individuals work on the project full-time, and they often dedicate their free time to support anyone from individuals to medium-size to billion-dollar companies.

It would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors.

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Why are auth providers sponsoring Auth.js?

Auth.js is a set of libraries that make it easy to add authentication to any application with any framework. There are companies who provide authentication as a service with high availability/first-class support and more. Auth.js libraries make it easy to integrate with them. Some of the following companies very generously sponsor Auth.js to help support the project and the community. We welcome their support and are grateful for it. If you feel that Auth.js is not able to meet your needs, we encourage you to check them out.

If you or your company enjoys Auth.js, please consider sponsoring via OpenCollective too. Choose a higher tier to appear on this page. Sponsors are listed in alphabetical order in their respective group.

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