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Migrating from NextAuth.js v4? Read our migration guide.
Getting Started

What is Auth.js?

Auth.js is a runtime agnostic library based on standard Web APIs that integrates deeply with multiple modern JavaScript frameworks to provide an authentication experience that’s simple to get started with, easy to extend, and always private and secure!

This documentation covers next-auth@5.0.0-beta and later and all other frameworks under the @auth/* namespace. Documentation for next-auth@4.x.y can still be found at

Select your framework of choice to get started, or view the example application deployment or repository with the buttons below.

Check the integrations page for all supported packages. We are working on supporting more frameworks, but you can create own or help us create one for your favorite framework.

To reduce migration overhead, NextAuth.js for Next.js will continue to be released under the next-auth package name, instead of the @auth/* convention. Auth.js was born out of next-auth but over the years has evolved to be framework agnostic.

Confused about Auth.js and NextAuth.js? Have a look at our history.

Authentication methods

There are 4 ways to authenticate users with Auth.js:

Official Providers

Supported Databases

Optionally, Auth.js can be integrated with an external database via Database adapters, in case you need or want to store user data.

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