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Getting Started

Osso Provider



Callback URL

Environment Variables



import NextAuth from "next-auth"
import Osso from "next-auth/providers/osso"
export const { handlers, auth, signIn, signOut } = NextAuth({
  providers: [Osso],


  • If you don’t yet have an Osso instance, you can use Osso’s Demo App for your testing purposes. For documentation on deploying an Osso instance, see
  • You can configure your OAuth Clients on your Osso Admin UI, i.e. - you’ll need to get a Client ID and Secret and allow-list your redirect URIs.
  • SAML - SSO differs a bit from OAuth for every tenant who wants to sign in to your application using SAML, you and your customer need to perform a multi-step configuration in Osso’s Admin UI and the admin dashboard of the tenant’s Identity Provider. Osso provides documentation for providers like Okta and Osso, cloud-based IDPs who also offer a developer account that’s useful for testing. Osso also provides a Mock IDP that you can use for testing without needing to sign up for an Identity Provider service.
  • issuer should be the fully qualified domain – e.g.
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