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Getting Started


Here are the state of planned and released integrations under the @auth/* and @next-auth/* scope, as well as next-auth. It also includes community created and maintained integrations. Integrations listed as “Planned” are something we’d love help with! See the help needed section below.


Is your framework not supported? You can easily contribute by creating a framework integration by following this guide.

Note that because of preventing breaking changes on package imports, next-auth is the only framework package which is not named following the @auth/* convention. This library initially was born as next-auth but over the years has evolved to be framework agnostic.

next-authReleased (stable) - docs
@auth/*-adapterReleased (stable). Fully compatible with next-auth and all @auth/* libraries
@next-auth/*-adapterMaintenance has stopped. Update to @auth/*-adapter
@auth/coreReleased (experimental)
@auth/sveltekitReleased (experimental) - docs
@auth/expressReleased (experimental) - docs
@auth/solid-startReleased (experimental)

Community Integrations

The community has published some great integrations / client packages for various frameworks and libraries. We’d love to make some packages official in the future, if you’re responsible for any of them and are interested in collaborating, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Hono.jsAuth.js middleware
RakkasAuth.js Integration Example
QwikAuth.js Integration

Help needed

In case you are a maintainer of a package that uses @auth/core, feel free to reach out to Balázs or, if you want to collaborate on making it an official package, maintained in our repository. If you are interested in bringing @auth/core support to your favorite framework, we would love to hear from you!

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