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Migrating from NextAuth.js v4? Read our migration guide.
Getting Started

Installing Auth.js

Start by installing the appropriate package for your framework.

npm install next-auth@beta

Installing @auth/core is not necessary, as a user you should never have to interact with @auth/core.

Setup Environment

The only environment variable that is mandatory is the AUTH_SECRET. This is a random value used by the library to encrypt tokens and email verification hashes. (See Deployment to learn more). You can generate one via running:

npx auth secret

Alternatively, you can use the openssl CLI, openssl rand -base64 33.

Then add it to your .env.local file:



Next, create the Auth.js config file and object. This is where you can control the behaviour of the library and specify custom authentication logic, adapters, etc. We recommend all frameworks to create an auth.ts file in the project. In this file we’ll pass in all the options to the framework specific initalization function and then export the route handler(s), signin and signout methods, and more.

You can name this file whatever you want and place it wherever you like, these are just conventions we’ve come up with.

  1. Start by creating a new auth.ts file at the root of your app with the following content.
import NextAuth from "next-auth"
export const { handlers, signIn, signOut, auth } = NextAuth({
  providers: [],
  1. Add an Route Handler under /app/api/auth/[...nextauth]/route.ts.

This file must be an App Router Route Handler, however, the rest of your app can stay under page/ if you’d like.

import { handlers } from "@/auth" // Referring to the auth.ts we just created
export const { GET, POST } = handlers
  1. Add optional Middleware to keep the session alive, this will update the session expiry every time its called.
export { auth as middleware } from "@/auth"

Setup Authentication Methods

With that, the basic setup is complete! Next we’ll setup the first authentication methods and fill out that providers array.

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