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Custom Error

Custom error page

Auth.js can be configured to display a custom error page when something goes wrong during the user authentication flow (sign in, sign out, etc..).

Using the example app, let’s build a simple custom error page:

import { signIn } from "../auth.ts"
export default function AuthErrorPage() {
  return <>Oops</>

Auth.js forwards the following errors as error query parameters in the URL to our custom error page:

Query ParamExample URLDescription
Configuration/auth/error?error=ConfigurationThere is a problem with the server configuration. Check if your options are correct.
AccessDenied/auth/error?error=AccessDeniedUsually occurs, when you restricted access through the signIn callback, or redirect callback.
Verification/auth/error?error=VerificationRelated to the Email provider. The token has expired or has already been used.
Default/auth/error?error=DefaultCatch all, will apply, if none of the above matched.

So now we can update our custom error page with it:

"use client"
import { useParams, useSearchParams } from "next/navigation"
enum Error {
  Configuration = "Configuration",
const errorMap = {
  [Error.Configuration]: (
      There was a problem when trying to authenticate. Please contact us if this
      error persists. Unique error code:{" "}
      <code className="text-xs bg-slate-100 p-1 rounded-sm">Configuration</code>
export default function AuthErrorPage() {
  const search = useSearchParams()
  const error = search.get("error") as Error
  return (
    <div className="flex flex-col items-center justify-center w-full h-screen">
        className="block max-w-sm p-6 bg-white border border-gray-200 rounded-lg shadow hover:bg-gray-100 dark:bg-gray-800 dark:border-gray-700 dark:hover:bg-gray-700 text-center"
        <h5 className="mb-2 text-xl font-bold tracking-tight text-gray-900 dark:text-white flex flex-row justify-center items-center gap-2">
          Something went wrong
        <div className="font-normal text-gray-700 dark:text-gray-400">
          {errorMap[error] || "Please contact us if this error persists."}

Now, when an error happens, Auth.js will redirect the user to our custom error page:

Custom Error Page
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